Continuous education

Employee education and growth is a high priority for KPMG in the Czech Republic. The global KPMG Business School concept incorporates an education scheme that fully corresponds to KPMG requirements and client needs and, at the same time, ensures a high level of quality of courses on offer.

According to the internal rules of KPMG Czech Republic, all professional employees are required to attend at least 20 hours of continuing professional training a year while the time spent on training during a three-year period should amount to at least 120 hours.

In the individual professional departments, the employees’ training structure is has been described in training maps. The training maps show two categories of technical training courses and certification programmes allocated to individual positions: either mandatory or recommended upon approval by the Performance Manager of the given department.

45,1 The average number of hours employees spend in training courses is 45,1.

Setting off on a career with KPMG in the Czech Republic

New employees that are recent graduates start their career with a five-week introductory training session.

The training course particularly focuses on expert audit and tax topics that employees will need in their role as auditor and tax advisor assistants.

The participants spend one of the five weeks away from the Prague office participating in training and team-building, hence getting the chance to really get to know their colleagues before beginning to work together.

Deepening expert qualifications

The introductory training is followed by a structured plan containing local as well as regional KPMG courses and the possibility to participate in specific external training courses.

KPMG in the Czech Republic supports certifications from the following key entities: ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and the Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic for colleagues from the Audit department, the Chamber of Tax Advisors for colleagues from the Tax Service Department and the Institute of Certified Accountants for accounting professionals.

Colleagues from advisory departments study e.g. under the certification programmes of ISACA and PRINCE2, international professional project management associations.

Professional and managerial growth

The Development Academy concept offers a wide range of one- as well as half-day courses featuring top external lecturers.

The KPMG Business School also includes a development programme for nominated senior employees and supervisors as well as a managerial growth programme.

A key aspect of the offered development programmes is the emphasis on the possibility to develop recommended competencies through active participation in interesting and demanding projects with immediate and regular feedback from more senior colleagues.

Apart from management and business skill development courses, our employees may also attend English, German or Russian language classes as part of the Language Academy, either in regular or summer courses.

The command of MS Office can be enhanced at internal Excel, Word and Power Point courses, which are part of the IT Academy.

Diversity (as at 30 September 2017)

  • Currently, 12,5 % of the firm’s partners are women and 87,5 % are men.
  • In the firm’s steering body – the Management Committee –16,66 % of the members are female, with 83,33 % of them being men.
  • The firm has three expatriate partners, one of whom is also a member of the Management Committee.
Total number of employees by department for FY 17
Department Women Men Total
Audit 226 149 375
Tax advisory (Tax) 173 48 221
Accounting and Payroll Services (AS&P) 75 10 85
Management Consulting 45 102 147
Deals Advisory 17 25 42
Risk Consulting 50 38 88
KPMG Legal 17 12 29
Central Services(non-client facing) 103 59 162
Total 706 443 1 149
Total number of employees by position for FY17
Position Women Men Total
Partner 20 23
Director 17 20
Senior Manager 17 35 52
Manager 30 51 81
Specialist, Supervisor 367 190 557
Assistant 286 130 416
Total 706 443 1 149
Total number of employees by region for FY17
Oddělení Prague Brno Ostrava České Budějovice Total
W M W M W M W M  
Audit 154 116 45 27 26   375
Tax advisory (Tax) 148 40 21     221
Accounting and Payroll Services (AS&P) 44       26 85
Management Consulting 45 99            3          147
Deals Advisory 17 25             42
Risk Consulting 50 38             88
KPMG Legal 17 12             29
Central Services(non-client facing) 103 58           162
Total 578 396 71 38 30 7 27 2 1 149

GPS (Global People Survey)

On a regular basis, we organise a global survey of employee satisfaction that helps us uncover how employees feel and how they assess the firm.

  • In FY 2017, the comprehensive questionnaire was completed by 77 % of employees.
  • The respondents’ answers to the survey confirmed a high level of satisfaction with the majority of measured aspects and 71 % of the questions were answered more positively than in the previous year.
  • Our employee engagement index is currently at 68 %.

Best evaluated areas:

  • Social responsibility: KPMG acts like a responsible company (92 %).
  • In my work, I can apply my abilities and skills effectively (91 %).
  • To deliver the best outputs to clients, my colleagues fully use their expertise (91 %).

We achieved the greatest improvement in the following areas:

  • Performance management: I am satisfied with the quality of dialogue with my direct superiors (up by 4 % compared with 2014).
  • Remuneration and appreciation: The people that I work with appreciate the good work that I do (+2 %).
  • Performance management: My colleagues regularly provide me with feedback that helps me improve my performance (+2 %).

We continue to work on maintaining the current level of employee satisfaction and on improving selected factors showing room for growth. This concerns especially areas of communication and the sharing of information on how we work with feedback we receive from our clients.

Under standard procedures, people may file a complaint if they disagree with any procedure, measure or behaviour. Our firm also has an anonymous complaint box.

A chance for graduates

Every year, ca. 2500 university students and graduates apply for a job with us and every year, we recruit ca. 150 of them for positions throughout our departments and offices.

We recruit both students as well as graduates and offer either full-time positions or employment on an internship basis. Our entry full-time positions are suitable for both fresh university graduates as well as for students in the last year of their master’s degree studies.

Internships are designed for fourth and fifth year students. The work a student does within an internship is identical to that at a full-time position, just with less hours, to give students sufficient time to devote to their studies.

Applicants have a certain advantage if they are studying an economic field, but most important is the level of an applicant’s English language capabilities, their motivation, ability to work in a team and the willingness to learn something new.

Candidates have to complete online performance tests, prove their level of English language ability, and take part in an interactive assessment centre consisting of group model and individual tasks as well as individual interviews.

Successful graduate applicants primarily begin work as analysts or consultants in our Audit, Tax, Legal Services, or our other advisory service departments. Senior professionals regularly teach and present at universities like the University of Economics or Charles University on subjects closely connected to their area of expertise.


Through a cafeteria system of optional benefits we provide an array of benefits to employees. All employees other than partners are entitled to cafeteria benefits. We do not differentiate based on the type of employment. Part-time employees receive proportionate amount of benefits. Our benefit cafeteria includes over 10 000 options, including meal vouchers, educational courses, a number of activities in the fields of travel and tourism, culture, sports, wellness and health care, life assurance and casualty insurance, pension insurance, etc.

Our employees may also:

  • benefit from favourable group life assurance and casualty insurance schemes
  • use their accumulated overtime instead of vacation time or be paid for their extra hours worked according to our firm’s overtime policy
  • take longer leaves-of-absences
  • make use of their department’s budget for team building events,
  • under the mobility programme, leave for short-term (up to 1 year) or long-term (up to 3-5 years) secondments to other KPMG member firms
  • receive fully paid membership in professional organisations and chambers
  • make use of wide-ranging training and development offers, professional certifications and programmes, study leaves, language courses, training of interpersonal competencies or technical and computer skills training
  • receive 100% salary compensation for up to five days of sickness and take advantage of the various health benefits that make up our Health Firm programme
  • participate in a number of firm-wide sports and social events
  • freely partake of refreshments in kitchenettes on every floor and benefit from discounted meals at the employee cafeteria of the Hilton hotel
  • take advantage of discounts in various local establishments
  • use notebooks and internet connections, mobile phones (iPhones), company cars and garage parking.

New dads get one additional day of paid leave upon the birth of their child.

Disabled employees are offered a wide range of additional benefits ranging from medical services, therapeutic-rehabilitative spa stays and contributions for medical equipment.

We are a Healthy Firm

Our goal is to instil in our employees a heightened interest in their health and a feeling of responsibility for one’s own fate. We do not want to be an employer where people earn money as compensation for losing their good health. Instead, we want to give to our employees the means to offset the demands their work has on them by offering them preventative care. In our efforts, we cooperate with organisations like OZP insurance, Santé medical centre, and others.

We primarily focus on four areas:

  • work environment
  • psycho-social working conditions
  • the health of individuals
  • the firm as part of a larger community.

Implemented activities:

  • Yoga classes at work
  • Pilates classes at work
  • Dermatoscope exams
  • prevention of cardiovascular diseases, ABI measurements
  • Accutrend screening of cardiovascular risk factors and lactate levels
  • refractor eye examinations
  • dental hygiene instruction courses
  • blood pressure measurements
  • BMI measurements with Omron device
  • In-Body measurements of body fat, muscle and water in body
  • first-aid classes
  • Seminars for working fathers
  • AED device training courses
  • flu shots
  • OZP health days
  • “Vitality through healthy nutrition” seminar
  • “Techniques to lower stress and increase positive thinking” seminar
  • massages, acupressure
  • fruit delivered to auditors during engagements
  • seminars on how to stop smoking
  • seminars on drug and IT dependencies
  • seminars on breast cancer prevention together with Mamma HELP
  • seminar on career vs. reproduction
  • free use of Rekola bicycle for a month.

We take care of our employees also in terms of CSR

We provide our employees with opportunities for personal growth through CSR activities, at the same time motivating them to become personally engaged in their leisure time as well. Through CSR activities, we strive to enhance the working environment.

Path to the sustainability

We accompany non-profit organisations and social businesses on their way towards sustainability. With our expertise, we help them increase the effectiveness of their organisation.

Our employees get involved in the programme as course instructors and as mentors assisting the individual organisations. Annually, they also vote on the non-profit organisation that becomes our partner for one full fiscal year.

Our employees enhance the knowledge and skills they need for their further career growth.

The programme has been integrated into KPMG’s employee development efforts and is closely linked to employee evaluation and development processes.

For more information, click here

Charity Days

Thanks to the KPMG volunteering programme, our employees can spend one fully-paid working day per year helping non-profits and the communities in which we are active.

Non-profit organisations

In FY 2015, we assisted in 17 non-profit organisations; during 2016, in 11, and in 2017 we helped a total of 15 non-profits in many corners of the Czech Republic.


In FY 2013, 223 of our employees became involved in this project; in 2015, it was 263, in 2016 this number climbed to 280 and in 2017, 367 volunteers readily shared their expertise.

Employee grant programme

We support the civic engagement of our employees. Every year, they may apply for a grant on behalf of a non-profit organisation that they are in some way involved in. In this way, non-profits may receive up to CZK 30 000 to finance their activities

Matching fund (CZK)
Number of non-profit organisations

In fiscal year 2013, KPMG provided CZK 354 400 to projects supported by our employees; in 2014 it was CZK 408 118; in 2015, 25 organisations received a total of CZK282 305; in 2016, we provided 19 organisations with CZK 377 630 and in 2017, 20 organisations applied for and received CZK 387 600.

Matching fund

We support our employees wherever they want to help.

If a group of employees get together and collect money for a good cause, the firm matches that amount, thus doubling the employees’ donation.

In 2016, we launched Pro dobrou věc (For a Good Cause), an internal application that simplifies the collection and the administration of donation. With the help of the app, our employees collected CZK 390 060 in eight fund drives in 2016 and in 2017, CZK 390 760 came together in seven fund drives.

Day for life

Since 2009, we have been regularly providing our staff with the opportunity to donate blood right at the office.

The General University Hospital in Prague (Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice) comes to our Prague office building three times a year. Since October 2016, employees of Hotel Hilton have also been able to donate blood at our premises.

Every year, we manage to donate more than 44 litres of blood.

Sports for good cause

Our employees love to help with their enthusiasm for sports

We regularly participate in sports charity event, like the Sue Ryder Cup, the Liga Cup and dragon boat races for a good cause.

Non-profit cinema

We aim to regularly show documentary films on important social or environmental issues directly in the KPMG building. These showings may also be attended by our employees’ guests. Every projection is followed by a discussion with experts from the non-profit sector.

The aim of this project is to acquaint our employees with opportunities for personal involvement.


In FY 2014, we organised eight viewings that were attended by 138 and their guests.


In 2015, five films were shown, attended by 155 viewers.


2016 saw six films, with 105 in attendance.


In 2017, we showed two documentary films, attended by 40 viewers.

Responsibly from the beginning

Every new employee has to participate in introductory training course on the functioning and the rules valid at KPMG. This also involves the CSR area, as new colleagues find out about our CSR strategy and about opportunities to get involved.

We also aim to liven up the introductory course that our newcomers take part in at the beginning of their career. For example in 2017, under the auspices of the ARA ART association our newcomers go the chance to witness the story of Nasti who leaves the Crimea prior to the Russian occupation to study in the Czech Republic. Our colleagues even interactively got to try to resolve her situation.

We hence were able to successfully follow up the concert of the Allstar Refjúdží Band that took place the previous year. The mission of this band is to bring up topics connected with migration through their music and to point to possible solutions of existing social problems.

Non-financial collection drives

Throughout the year, our employees may donate used clothing that we then pass on to organisations that distribute it to their clients in need. In FY 2017, we were able to hand over more than 150 kg of used clothing to the Salvation Army, Nadace Veronika (Veronika Foundation), společnost Podané ruce (Helping Hands Society) and organizace Nadání a dovednosti (Organisation for Talent and Skills).

Breakfast non-profit style

Every week, our employees may buy breakfast or snacks from social businesses. Throughout last year, we cooperated with the sheltered bakery Letohrádek Vendula, Café Dismas and the Fresh Bakery.

Through these offers, we give our staff opportunities for socially beneficial shopping.

Ironing Ladies

Our employees can get their clothes washed and ironed by the Ironing Ladies, a socially beneficial company providing women disadvantaged in the labour market with work opportunities.

The company picks up and delivers orders right at our offices.